Workpackage leader: RISE

Other participants: CMI, GUM, EMC-BCN, INTA, SIQ, UNIGE, UTwente, TUBITAK

The aim of this work package is to maximise the impact of this project within the European community of national metrology institutes and industrial end-users. In order to reach all relevant stakeholders and to generate impact, diverse measures to ensure knowledge transfer, training/dissemination and exploitation will be taken. The planned outcomes of the project can be divided into several categories:

  • industrial and other user communities: the impedance and low frequency conducted emission based on impedance measurement methods; time-domain EMI measurement methods; test methods and assessment methodologies based on APD detectors
  • metrology and scientific communities: time-domain receivers and calibration methods to allow NMIs and DIs to update their calibration services, provide the traceability and reduce measurement uncertainties; interlaboratory comparisons of EMI receivers and pulse generators; research of emissions measurements in harsh environments and the further development of APD as an interference detector
  • outcomes for relevant standards: mainly support of the EU Directive 2014/30/EU which aims to ensure the functioning of the internal market by requiring equipment to comply with an adequate level of electromagnetic compatibility; moreover, the consortium will promote the results of the project within the standardisation community and will provide input into the standardisation process, mainly of CISPR\CIS\A (Radio-interference measurements and statistical methods) and CISPR\CIS\B (interference in industrial, scientific and medical RF apparatus); at least 3 standards will be directly benefited from the research (CISPR 37, CISPR 11 and CISPR 16-1-1)