Workpackage leader: UTwente

Other participants: CMI, GUM, INTA, RISE, SIQ, TUBITAK, EMC-BCN

The aim of this work package is to address the various instrumentation and signal processing parameters of the direct-sampling time domain techniques to validate and specify their usability within CISPR 16-1-1. Currently the standard is based on the frequency domain techniques, but also allows the use of FFT receivers as long as they satisfy the imposed requirements, but the direct-sampling time-domain measurements are not yet explicitly permitted. The assessment performed in this WP includes the identification and analysis of both hardware and software properties unique to the TD receivers, as well as their influence on the measurement uncertainty. The defined recommendations and requirements are then collectively implemented in a measurement campaign comparing the TD with the well-established FD measurements. Furthermore, optimisations that potentially extend the usefulness of the TD measurements beyond the limitations of FD in terms of time-efficiency, accuracy, and overall worst-case EMI identification are considered and evaluated.