Workpackage leader: TUBITAK

Other participants: CMI, GUM, INTA, RISE, SIQ, UNIGE, EMC-BCN, UTwente

The aim of this work package is to develop traceable electromagnetic emissions measurement methods optimised for in situ assessment of large-size/high-power equipment and to validate the proposed test procedures in realistic scenarios in the frequency range of 30 Hz – 30 MHz with the target uncertainty of 6 dB maximum. This includes the impedance measurements, establishment of Audio Frequency (AF) and Radio Frequency (RF) test correlations between the laboratory and on-site test environments, characterisation of influence factors such as non-stationary interferences and sources of background noise. Real installations of particularly large short-circuit power level and characterised by significant supply transients and disturbance (e.g., generated by renewable energy sources and power converters) are defined as harsh environments.